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13/09/2013: Antiques and Fine Art Sale
Auction Rooms, Peddars Lane, Beccles

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Lot Description Sold
1 An Edwardian Oak stationery cabinet
View Lot Number 1
2 A model of a shrunken head under glass dome, height 15"
View Lot Number 2
3 A Staffordshire russet dog, height 12"
View Lot Number 3
4 A twenty piece Royal Vale rose decorated tea set
View Lot Number 4
5 A cast metal figure of an Arab with rifle, seated on a recumbent horse
View Lot Number 5
6 A pair of gilt wall brackets and a Silver plated biscuit barrel
View Lot Number 6
7 A Victorian Walnut and Mother of Pearl inlaid toilet box fitted with glass bottles and Silver plate top jars
View Lot Number 7
8 A Chinese Brass bound box with red lacquer interior
View Lot Number 8
9 A lead death mask, 13" x 9"
View Lot Number 9
10 A Doulton Lambeth stoneware oil lamp with embossed floral decoration
View Lot Number 10
11 A George Tinworth Doulton Lambeth terracotta plaque titled "Peters Vision - Act Chap X II Ver", size 14" x 7"
View Lot Number 11
12 A George Tinworth Doulton Lambeth terracotta plaque titled "The Angels Appearing to the Shepherds" with inscription to rim, size 14" x 7"
View Lot Number 12
13 A Doulton Hannah Barlow vase decorated with a pride of lions, height 18 1/2" (base replaced)
View Lot Number 13
14 A cased Masonic apron, cuffs etc, apron marked Deputy Northumberland with Stewards medals and Northumberland jewel
View Lot Number 14
15 A large Royal Doulton Edward VIII loving cup with embossed decoration of the King, flags and mounted Herald, No. 805/2000 with certificate
View Lot Number 15
16 A green and floral jardinière, Burleigh ware dressing table set and various pictures and a Wedgwood trio
View Lot Number 16
17 A Royal Cauldon "Ludlow" dinner set
View Lot Number 17
18 A cased bar set, Mother of Pearl tea knives matched set, small mirror and commemorative and other china
View Lot Number 18
19 A Brass ships compass by A.C.Lowe, Liverpool
View Lot Number 19
20 A set of lab scales by W.A.Webb Ltd, London with a boxed set of weights
View Lot Number 20
21 A Chinese charger painted with vases of flowers, dia 13"
View Lot Number 21
22 An Adams Jasper ware pot pourri (cracked) and other china
View Lot Number 22
23 A Japanese eggshell tea set, Satsuma vase, a pair of dogs of Fo and two pieces of Silver plate
View Lot Number 23
24 A floral hors d'oeuvres dish and Victorian and other china
View Lot Number 24
25 Various Royal Winton and other storage jars, Copper items and cutlery
View Lot Number 25
26 Two boxes of green glass and thee shades
View Lot Number 26
27 A Foley china yellow ground black figure decorated tea set
View Lot Number 27
28 Two boxes of mainly Amber glass and a 1935 Jubilee plate
View Lot Number 28
29 David A James oil on canvas, Bosham river scene, 19" x 35"
View Lot Number 29
30 A Fortescue pen and ink, continental landscape, Gidres Chiles, 1818, 13" x 19"
View Lot Number 30
31 No lot -
32 W.Unger engraving after Rubens "Figures and Cherubs", 13" x 17"
View Lot Number 32
33 Two framed Japanese silk sleeves, figure and landscape decorated, 22" x 9"
View Lot Number 33
34 Two still life, oils on canvas by Fay Scott Elliott
View Lot Number 34
35 K.T.Ward three watercolours of birds and Bernard Thrower two watercolours of birds
View Lot Number 35
36 A framed Victorian rose and floral petit point tapestry, 7" x 7"
View Lot Number 36
37 Scott Bolton watercolour "Farm Landscape", 9 1/2" x 13"
View Lot Number 37
38 Boxed Royal Doulton Rondolay tea set, cutlery etc
View Lot Number 38
39 Three Brass Angelus bells, incense burner etc
View Lot Number 39
40 A boxed canteen of cutlery
View Lot Number 40
41 A box of various wood working planes including Griffiths, Norwich
View Lot Number 41
42 A Ross two draw telescope made for Pascall Atkey & Sons, West Cowes, a circular Mahogany ships inkwell and a Victorian box
View Lot Number 42
43 A French black marble eight day mantel clock
View Lot Number 43
44 A wood model yacht
View Lot Number 44
45 A Pewter teapot, coffee pot, sugar, cream jug, a Brass pestle and mortar, pieces of copper and a Brass fender with floral decoration (damaged decoration)
View Lot Number 45
46 Various Leonardo and other figurines and two table lamps
View Lot Number 46
47 A Sovereign collectors Creamy Whirls tin, bellows, binoculars and other items
View Lot Number 47
48 An Iron and Brass sliding trivet, Brass bull, grain measures etc
View Lot Number 48
49 Zenit and other cameras and lenses (two boxes)
View Lot Number 49
50 Copeland Spode and other blue and white plates
View Lot Number 50
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